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Sunday, October 3, 2010

Where is the love?

LOVE is.....

Sometimes I sit back and wonder about this thing called love. Why is it when you are in love you experience some of the most painful situations you have ever been through? Talking with a few of my lady friends who happen to be married, dating, and single I have heard so many hurtful stories about the men in their lives. One of my friends talked about not hearing from her boyfriend for weeks for no apparent reason and she questioned why her?  Another one of my friends talked about the confusion that she was feeling from a  guy who said he liked her but acted otherwise. I don't understand how so many women do so much for the men in their lives and many times get so little in return. Black women take care of so many people in our lives from our mothers, fathers, children, sisters, brothers, and of course our men...but who is there for us when we need to be catered to? Many times black women need a shoulder to cry on, a ear that is willing to listen, a friend that wants to give good advice, but many times we don't have these support systems and many times we are afraid to show are "weak" side. As a black women I have seen many of my fellow sisters hurt by men, I have witnessed to many crying, fighting, and complaining over men. It's time that we begin to get rid of negativity in our lives including the men and begin to put ourselves first. Take time to read a book, pray, exercise, cut your phone and computer off, have a girls night, do anything that makes you happy!  When you begin to have true love for yourself your whole life will begin to fall into place.  We have to stop allowing men to have complete control of our thoughts and actions and begin to make room for ourselves...

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