Tuesday, December 21, 2010


There are times when I close my mouth and hold my breath because I am afraid for someone to even here me breathe let alone speak! I battle with myself over this...I feel like I have many great thoughts, ideas, visions, dreams, etc...that I can tell people about. My insecurities hold me back from achieving greatness and probably from inspiring others. Throughout my life I had to deal with all my insercurities and feelings of not being "good" enough. At one point I hated my freckles, my hair, my hairy legs, my feet, my voice, and so many other qualities about myself....I have now come to the point where I love myself and my body most of the time! After having a baby,  my stomach was not what it was and for a while even up to now I still struggle with this issue but I remind myself that I am beautiful every day.  It's so important as Black women that we do remind ourselves and each other of how beautiful we are because society tells us to hate ourselves for who we really are. I'm tired of being insecure and holding back, I want to be free and be able to say how I feel without being afraid of what may happen. I want to be able to scream to the top of my lungs and stomp hard with the soles of my feet. I want to break free from all these insecure ways and stop doubting myself...I want to be me. I hold a light in my heart and in 2011 I will let it shine.....Peace