Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Selfish-by Jill Scott

Here I go with my love stuff again...I like this poem by Jill and I wanted to share!

give me a minute to love you
an hour to stare in your face
a moment to praise your nose
your hands, your lips, your eyes
don't say later
don't say tomorrow
because the day's too busy
because the day's too hurried
too demanding
give me a week to hold you
a second to play in your lashes
a night to kiss your forehead
Your back, your feet, your fingers
Don't say you're tired
Don't say your anxious
because the world is calling
because the world is heavy
Ever present
just let me soothe you
let me put you in my mouth and hum sweet tunes
let me calm that ocean
give me a day
give me four and more
to ease and please you
let me take that chip from your shoulder
place it on the nightstand for a while
because you're lonely
I am too

This poem is too beautiful! Go Jill


  1. Never heard this poem, I love it... I've gotta make a mental note of this poem.