Wednesday, November 2, 2011


“Yesterday, I cried.
I came home, went straight to my room,
sat on the edge of my bed,
kicked off my shoes, unhooked my bra,
and I had myself a good cry.”
Iyanla Vanzant, Yesterday, I Cried 

The act of crying is not just an act, it's a story being told with words so beautiful that only the crier can translate. I use to hold my tears in for fear of showing my emotions, my insecuritites, my weaknesses, fears, etc..Now I'm letting them flow for anyone to know those same things I once feared. I'm not a robot or some mechanical individual who only uses politics to make sense of emotions. I am a human being who experiences pain and responds in a subjective way. Crying makes me feel good, makes me face reality, face pain, face joy, and face letting go.

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